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Our Story

The story of our school is bigger than any one person.  It is the product of the collective dream of our students and instructors, and it is built off of the support of every member of our school.  Our classes are more than activities; they are a way of life.  Their positive influence stretches out into our daily lives.  They maintain our physical health and mental well being. 


Our school is not run with the intent of personal profit.  None of our Marshfield instructors (including the owner) are paid.  Our instructors work as volunteers.  We believe in what we are teaching and want to share this part of our lives with the community.  The money we collect goes towards our operating costs or is reinvested in the school.


See the Difference

Fun Environment

Class is organized, but not locked in a strict routine.  Our practice environment is relaxed and encouraging.  The look on a student's face is sincere joy. All students are working together not competing with one another.

Interactive Training

Our class formats allows for open discussion.  You are encouraged to ask questions about why you would do a technique a particular way.  We want you to understand the reasons we move the way we do.  We also want to hear if you are concerned about a technique working or any vulnerability it could create.  In short, if it doesn't look or feel right to you, we want to hear about it, so we can work together to build best technique possible.

Flexible Schedule

The material in our school is taught on a rotating curriculum.  If you miss a class you are not lost, you go right back into class.  Obviously regular training helps you learn faster, but one of the great features of our school is is the material is not taught in a set sequence.  We have several students with demanding schedules. The people in class cycle through as people are able to make it.  We continue to add times to our schedule to make our classes more available.

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Knowledgeable Instructors

In an age of DVD’s and online video for every subject, it easy to sit yourself in front of a screen and think you are learning martial arts. The truth is you will need hands on guidance from experienced people to help you improve physical talent. Here you will find that guidance from our instructors, your fellow students, and access to experts from outside the region.


Our instructors not only have had a great variety of martial arts training, but great depth of training.  They measure their training in decades and train extensively in each method of martial arts they study.

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Traditional & Modern Martial Arts

In the martial arts community there is a growing feud between two schools of thought.  Traditional martial arts (TMA) and modern martial arts.  Some schools try to be all things, but we understand the only way to offer the full experience of both options is to keep them separate. 


We continue offer the traditional style of Aikido, and we are proud to be the first martial arts school in Marshfield to offer modern martial arts through the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We understand that TMA styles do not appeal to everyone. If you’re not comfortable with a lot of bowing or calling your instructor sensei, master, or sir; then maybe you would like to try a modern art where you can feel like you are coached by a peer.


Varying Kids & Family Programs

We offer programs for children and families in both Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Each class is a different environment with different goals.  Students are able to focus on one discipline or study both.


Improving Your Well-Being

In class you develop the ability to instantly shed stress.  You prevent people from getting under your skin.  With regular practice these abilities transfer into your daily life.

Friends That Feel Like Family

Our school is made up all types of people.  Groups of people that may have never met without Aikido, but through a connection in class will regularly get together and have fun.  Being part of our school is being part of a community.

Quality Equipment

We spare no expense on the safety of our students.  We use state-of-the-art Zebra Grappling Mats.  The mats used by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation for competition. Our facility is full of the same mats used by professional grapplers.  You can learn more about these mats from Zebra Athletics.


Plenty of Space

We have our own building with 4,700 square feet of space. We have space for parents and siblings to comfortably wait during class.  We have big plans to use this space to grow all of our programs and introduce new programs.


Not Locked In

We want you in training because you want to, not because you feel you have to.  We will not prevent you from training anywhere else.  You are welcome to train in other martial arts while you are here.

Try Before You Buy

We insist you try before you commit anything to our school.  We are that convinced that our school is something different that we want any potential student to try class before we go any further. This is your opportunity to make sure you have what you want before you start anything.


Low Cost

We have set up our membership costs to be simple along with being affordable.  We have stripped away complicated fees that often grow as you train.