Getting Started

How to Take Your First Step

Step 1: Contact Us

Step 2: Fill Out a Waiver

Step 3: Try Class

Step 4: Sign Up


Contact Us

We want to make sure our class is a good fit for you.  We will meet with you to explain our class, and before you sign up we will let you try class for free to make sure this is something you would like to do. 

Fill in the form on any page, or contact us directly (phone and email on the top of this page).


Fill Out a Waiver

Before being allowed to participate, each student must provide a completed waiver.  There are copies available at the dojo or you can print and fill out the form from here click here.


Try Class

You are able to watch class first, if you prefer, but to really understand a martial art you are going to have to try it.  No charge or commitment to try your first class.  We want to make sure this is something you would be interested in doing.

Arrive during the start of class time wearing comfortable workout clothes.  Hand in (or fill out) your waiver and step onto the mat. 

You can just stop in, but it is a good idea to let us know what day you are coming in.  This way we can keep you informed of any sudden changes in class.


Sign Up

If after your trial class you decide you want to continue taking classes you can register for class.