Adult Aikido

"The way of harmonized energy."  Aikido is an art that can be done for a lifetime not just as children


Why do adults train in Aikido?

  • Great strength is not required, in Aikido you use the strength of your attacker against them.
  • This is an art for a civilized world, your goal is not to injure people you practice to control attackers.
  • No competition, you are not practicing a sport you are always practicing self-defense.
  • Calming feel to class leaves you relaxed and centered.

    There is no sport element to Aikido, you practice for personal improvement. No competition. You are not matched by size.  There is no such thing a weight class in Aikido.  You practice the same techniques on people with various builds.  The format of class allows you to be in control of how it is practiced based on your conditioning.


    You are never out to hurt people. You are always training to protect yourself, not training to injure your attacker. We use joint locks and body throws to direct an attacker to the ground, instead of trying to uses strikes to injure the attacker.



    About Aikido

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