Students in our kids program a judged equally on character and technical development. 

Kid's Character Development Through Aikido

Students need more than self defense skills to advance through our ranks. Updates from outside of class to the  instructors on how the student is living with good personal values go toward rank. When students perform good deeds outside of the dojo, they will be given a star on their belt. Students need at least 4 character stars in order to advance to the next belt.


Character updates can be made by anyone involved in the student's life (parents, other family, friends, teachers, ministers, etc.).  They may contact us directly or use our form.


There are 2 methods by which we measure our students progress, by character development and their ability to utilize the various self defense techniques.



Character stars are given out to students who show development of good character.  We use class activities and homework to help guide this, but the majority comes from comments from parents and others letting us know what happens outside of class.


Technical Skill

Stripes are awarded to students as they demonstrate improvement in the movement and understanding of techniques.



Before a student will be considered for each rank test they must have earned 4 character stars and 4 stripes on their belt.

Their are minimum age requirements for each belt as well. Children are expected to change physically and mentally as they grow. The program is paced to challenge them as they grow instead of something they grow out of.



Homework is regularly given to students. Many assignments review terminology (Aikido uses Japanese terms), and others include fitness goals.


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