The safety of your child is always concern of parents when their child is starting a new activity. The idea of having your child practice a martial art can be intimidating. The following information outlines what features of our program offer enhanced child safety.

How we keep the kids safe

The Nature of the Style

Aikido is a grappling style.  Kids are taught to respond against punches and kicks instead of responding to attacks with them. 

Aikido techniques are responsive in nature.  Kids are taught to blend with the force of the attack not to clash with this force.

There are no competitions in Aikido.  Students are encouraged to work together to help each other learn and improve.  Technical understanding and execution of techniques and character development are the marks of progress in the class.


Ukemi (Controlled Landings)

As soon as students begin they start to learn this important skill.  Besides keeping them safe in class this practice improves balance, coordination, and conditioning. 


Parental Supervision

Parents are not required to stay during class, but they are encouraged to do so.  Kids classes are always in group settings with parents present so they are able to see what happens throughout class.



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