Kids Aikido

Aikido has the goal of dealing with attacks with control tactics (isolate attackers without harming them).  Dealing with conflict without hitting each other. 

In Aikido grappling is the primary method of defense, instead of punching and kicking. Your child will learn techniques that allow them to control a situation, without having to seriously hurt their opponent. There is no soft way to punch someone else in the face!


In Aikido, students learn how to compromise their opponent's balance and then "guide" them to the ground. Techniques are taught using body movement, leverage, and joint locks giving the means to escape a difficult situation. 


We teach kids in an encouraging, fun environment. We use games to introduce and practice skills needed for martial arts. Our program isn’t strictly a means of physical conditioning. We consider each class a means to build character.


Why choose our school?

Character Development: Students need more than self defense skills to advance through the ranks. Parents will regularly update the instructors as to whether the students are living up to a personal value system. When students perform extraordinary deeds outside of the dojo, they will be given a star on their belt. Students need at least 4 character stars in order to advance to the next belt.  More on our character development program.

Safety: Students are taught ukemi, techniques for controlled falling to protect themselves from injury. Our style teaches control of attackers with throws and joint locks, instead of punching or kicking. The techniques we practice together are the same as they would apply in real life. Our students are taught to avoid causing injury even off the mat.  More on kids safety in Aikido Class.

Interpersonal Skills: We practice in a non-competitive format. Students work together to develop techniques.


You are never out to hurt people. You are always training to protect yourself, not training to injure your attacker. We use joint locks and body throws to direct an attacker to the ground, instead of trying to uses strikes to injure the attacker.



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